Thursday, May 10, 2007

Media Coverage Since the November 2006 Elections

Our say: Attack on school board selection reforms is ill-advised, Capital, May 10, 2007, Capital Editorial Board

Four nominated for school board: Governor has final say in filling two positions, Capital, May 10, 2007, Ryan Bagwell.

Simonaire still fighting for elected school board: He is spearheading petition drive to get referendum, Capital, May 8, 2007, by Liam Farrell

Both houses OK bills on selection of school board, Capital, March 27, 2007, Liam Farrell and Jeff Horseman, Staff Writers

Bills take shape in General Assembly: School board, panhandling move ahead, Capital, March 18, 2007, Liam Farrell, Staff Writer

School Board Bill: No Election, but More Say for Public, Washington Post, , March 15, 2007; Page AA03, William Wan, Staff Writer

Our say: School board selection reform finally on track, Capital, March 11, 2007, Capital Editorial Board.

Local senators OK compromise bill 3-2, Capital, March 10, 2007, Liam Farrell.

School board bill dropped: Legislator won't seek referendum to require directly elected panel, Baltimore Sun, March 9, 2007, Susan Gvozdas

Letters to the Editor, Maryland Gazette, March 3, 2007, p. A8.

Your say: Which school board system do you prefer, elected or appointed? The Maryland Gazette, March 3, 2007, p. A8

Letters to the Editor, The Capital, February 28, 2007, p. A10.

Guest Column: Wanted: A voice, not a commission, The Maryland Gazette, February 28, 2007, p. A10, State Senator Brian Simonaire

A Push for New Way To Fill School Board: 2 Bills Give Momentum to an Old Debate, Washington Post, February 22, 2007, p. AA03, William Wan, Staff Writer.

Our say: Delegation should pass Leopold's school board plan, Capital, February 16, 2007, Capital Editorial Board.

Lawmakers face choice of school board bills, Capital, February 15, 2007, Pg. A1, Liam Farrell, Staff Writer.

A Lesson in School Rule: Assembly leaders oppose elected boards, but many Marylanders are demanding the choice, Baltimore Sun, January 29, 2007, Justin Fenton.

A Leader for the Schools: Mayoral Control Is The Path to Results, Washington Post, January 20, 2007, p. A23, Joel I. Klein.

General Assembly Preview, 9 of 20 in county delegation new, face learning curve; School board, panhandling, top local issues, The Capital (Annapolis, MD), January 7, 2007, Pg. A1.

Election of school boards resurfaces: Old issue returns as dissatisfaction with panels grows, The Baltimore Sun (Maryland), January 4, 2007, Pg. 1A, Justin Fenton and Mary Gail Hare, Sun reporters.

Letters to the Editor, The Capital (Annapolis, MD), January 4, 2007, Pg. A10.

Senator to offer bill for elected school board, The Capital (Annapolis, MD), December 21, 2006; Pg. A12, JEFF HORSEMAN; Staff Writer.

SPEAKOUT, The Baltimore Sun, December 17, 2006; Pg. 4G.

Our view: Legislators should fix school board system, The Capital (Annapolis, MD), December 15, 2006; EDITORIAL; Pg. A8.

Leopold promotes elected school board, The Maryland Gazette, December 9, 2006; Pg. A1, DAVID ABRAMS; Staff Writer.

Elected school board bill will return, The Capital (Annapolis, MD), December 8, 2006; Pg. A1, DAVID ABRAMS; Staff Writer.

Our view: Votes speak louder than pols' words, The Capital (Annapolis, MD), November 6, 2006; EDITORIAL; Pg. A12.

School Board Change Killed: Bill would have let panel create list of candidates, The Capital (Annapolis, MD), April 4, 2006, pg. A1.

Change School Board Selection? Baltimore Sun, March 20, 2005, p. 5G.

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