Saturday, March 19, 2011

SBNC reform bill dies in the Maryland General Assembly

The Capital reports that the Maryland legislature has rejected a bill to codify the laws regarding the SBNC and to add some electoral features to the school board selection process:
The chances of changing Anne Arundel County's school board process are likely dead this year and through the next election in 2014, but the local House delegation still wants to study options for changing it.

Despite staunch opposition in the Senate, the county House delegation decided yesterday to study the school board set-up in the interim between this General Assembly session and next year's.

"There is a lot of will in this delegation to make some changes," said Del. Bob Costa, R-Deale, the chairman of the body. "We need to sit down with everyone involved. … We can do this over the interim and come back with a real bill."

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